What is ROAM?

An online enterprise solution that is more than scanning a document into a PDF.

ROAM uses the most advanced technologies in the World to deliver the best document management solution in the aerospace market available today. ROAM is highly scalable and beneficial to any technical services department for 1 aircraft or over 1,000 aircraft. Empowering your digital transformation journey.

The Records Digital Transformation Journey

Key features of ROAM

The features ROAM delivers are designed to offer any Engineering & Planning or Asset Management department efficiency and clear results for the day to day challenges faced. Speed and user experience are central to the continued evolution of ROAM.
Synchronised to maintenance planning systems
Centralised technical records asset management
Automated End of Lease records compliance builder
Industry leading automated workflow engine
Web or On-Premise solution
Seamless cross department optimisation
Instant back to birth record search

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