ROAM Online Records Solution

ROAM dashboard

Central Dashboard

Consolidated oversight of your records within the ROAM Library and a fleet status. The Dashboard area of ROAM provides you with a snapshot of all records captured within your secure repository, an consolidated view of your communication module, and your fleet compliance status. This enables you to confidently review the status of your fleet and continued airworthiness management. This active oversight of your records reduces the risk of un-necessary cost exposure, through seamless EOL transitions, successful mid-term inspections and audits throughout the life cycle of the asset.

Records Archive

The most innovative digital records management solution available for the Aerospace market today. Designed to manage the aircraft maintenance records process from paper to digitalised PDFs, loaded online and available around the world. Streamlining processes and procedures in Technical Services and CAMO departments, ROAM delivers a feature-rich solution allowing your teams to work more efficiently. From indexed records, loaded with metadata to fully searchable PDFs, ROAM Records module is the solution for your digital archive requirements. With a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface, combining your Records archive with the ROAM Status module your documents are easily retrievable in an instant!

Status Builder

An area of ROAM which is designed to bring together your planning data from your central Maintenance & Engineering system and connect with your PDF records. The end result is clear and concise live airworthiness and technical commercial compliance. Flexible to work in accordance with Spec 2500 standards, or fully customised to your organisational requirements. ROAM Status builder provides a view to the user which is understandable and requires little training to operate. Whether you are looking to provide Airworthiness Directive (AD) evidence of compliance, or Service Bulletin (SB), the Status Builder module provides an efficient tool to any Technical Services / CAMO / Fleet management department.

System Integration

ROAM is able integrate with most M&E systems such as SAP, AMOS, TRAX, Wings, Ultramain, plus others. By integrating the M&E system, it enables ROAM’s ability to support many additional analytical features within the application. This not only enhances the business case for the investment into the solution, but enhances quality management areas and reduces risks associated with projects such as Entry into Service, Mid Term review, End of Lease, plus others!

System Integration
Records export

Records Export

ROAM provides the capability to export your previously built status reports direct to email or selected destination as a structured or consolidated file type, providing a quick and easy way of sharing data. Documents can also be viewed within ROAM by providing time-limited and restricted access to your secure account. Transfer your status data in industry recognised formats including spec2500.

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