Technical Services

Records Auditing

Much like a pre-purchase inspection, when taking on a leased aircraft or redelivering the aircraft to its owner, the assessment of the records is an essential part of the process. Gamits technical team are on hand to support clients in this extensive process and will review either digital records or the physical records on site where the records are currently stored.

As a CAMO Gamit understand and have the depth of knowledge to perform the records assessment for completeness. An ever more important factor of understanding is the detailed assessment of the lease terms and conditions regarding delivery/redelivery.

Airworthiness Review Certificates

In addition to the CAMO approval Gamit also has the privilege to issue Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC) in accordance with EASA Part M Sub Part I. This privilege means that Gamit review staff can perform their assessment and make the recommendation the ARC on behalf of 3rd party CAMO companies, or for recommendation regarding Import/Export certificate to the respective National Aviation Authority (NAA). Furthermore, the review staff can assess aircraft records on an ad hoc basis in order to produce a bespoke client report on the current airworthiness status of a particular aircraft.

Onsite Technical Representation

Whilst an aircraft is in the hangar during base maintenance (heavy maintenance) the Part 145 will typically build up many findings. Not only is cost control a factor to pay attention to but time management. Ensuring the aircraft is delivered on time ready for operations is essential. By having an onsite engineer clients can have peace of mind that parts ordering, engineers working times and cost control are being monitored and probed where necessary in order to have a positive outcome.